This song "Living in the Spotlight" was written for all those performers who want to just go back to when the music and spotlight was theirs.  Truly to remember when the crowd cheered for the music that flowed through the veins of life.

Here at the Studio we have embarked on a mission to write a song for you!!!  What is the Occasion?  What do you need to make your event complete? How can we make your event one that just can't be forgotten?  

Want to see what we are writing, take a look at the "Originals Page"

Take a listen to a couple of the songs below!

  • Riley's House3:22

  • Living in the Spotlight4:07

So let's get started!!

What kind of Song can we write for you?

This one can top the charts! "Riley's House" I believe truly that every person feels this way at one point or another!

ASCAP Writer & Producer